Thanking God After a Miracle

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When God does something really wonderful in our lives, we usually forget to go back to him and say thank you. We get so excited about what has been done to us and forget the person who made it happen for us. This will actually close the door for God coming through for you in another day and time when you need him. Even us mortal men, need to be appreciated when we do something good for someone. It makes us feel good and motivates us to do much more in the future. When people do not appreciate your effort, you usually wonder what you did wrong and you actually do not want to reach out to people in the future.

When Jesus healed the ten lepers, only one of them came back to say thank you. The other nine just disappeared without another thought of the man who made it happen for them. Jesus asked him, were there not ten lepers who were healed? Where are the nine? As the man glorified God and showed gratitude to him, Jesus was moved the more. He told him to arise and go his way way for his faith had made him whole. This man did not just get healed from leprosy but he was made whole of all the things that were not right in his life. He received two miracles as a result of his attitude of thanks giving. Luke 17: 11-19.

As God gets you out of financial deficiency, health problems and other things that you might be fighting, do not forget to come back to him with a worship song in your heart. Say thank you for his goodness and mercies to you. When you are grateful for what God has done for you, he is even quicker to rescue you in the future.

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