FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus)

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FIV of Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is a sort of lentivirus that has the power to trigger a illness that develops slowly and may severely have an effect on pet well being. The illness could be extraordinarily deadly in your cat however even then research have mirrored that even with this type of a pet well being drawback, your cat might reside for fairly just a few years with out exhibiting any constructive signs associated to this sickness.

FIV happens internationally and is prevalent nearly in every single place. Greater than 1.5% to three% cats have been affected by FIV in the US alone. Round 5% of all FIV-positive cats undergo from a type of feline leukemia virus (FeLV). The Feline immunodeficiency virus or FIV is able to inflicting a extreme pet well being drawback in largely home cats and likewise in cheetahs. The FIV is kind of much like that of the immunodeficiency virus or HIV virus in people. This virus will assault the immune system of your cat and weaker him a lot that he’ll develop into vulnerable to various kinds of illnesses and severe infections. This virus is a severe pet well being difficulty that it is advisable to handle the second you see the signs. The foremost drawback is that there isn’t any treatment accessible for FIV as of but and however there are vaccines you can have administrated in your cat to forestall any an infection.

The chance components in FIV company of:

1. Age of your cat
2. The gender of your cat
3. The kind of sickness
4. The period of time your cat spends outside

Usually, FIV will infect older cats than the youngger ones and minimize the common age of any cat down to only 5 years. Aggressive cats particularly males who usually become involved in fights with different cats have the next susceptibility than any non-fighting cat to this sever pet well being drawback.

Often the sick cats or those who’ve this pet well being drawback will likely be a lot worse than different cats. In keeping with a survey, it has been seen that nearly 15% of all cats in the US present some kind of medical indicators of FIV an infection.

FIV is well transmitted by way of deep chunk wounds in cats. So in case your cat has been concerned in a struggle, you need to first verify for chunk wounds so that you could fully keep away from this pet well being drawback. There are different situations through which the FIV virus can get transmitted to a cat like from a mom or queen cat to the new child kittens and this will occur within the gestation interval itself or throughout nursing. Like HIV, FIV can also be transmitted by way of blood transfusion.

FIV is a lethal virus that impacts solely cats and another felines because the identify suggests. Some pathogens like parasites and micro organism are liable for inflicting different infections you're your cat has been declared FIV-positive. That is thought-about a separate pet well being drawback as a result of the FIV virus can get transmitted out of your cat to people, which might enormously compromise their immune methods.

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