World Loses A Great Spirit

Sadly, Alan Thicke was celebrated and remembered by his friends and family in Hollywood. The “Growing Pains” dad┬ádied Tuesday of a massive heart attack.

His son Robin Thicke said to the Los Angeles Times┬áthat his dad truly was “the most awesome man that I have ever met” and “he was always a gentleman.”

“The best thing was that he was truly love and he had closure about that,” Robin Thicke said. “I just saw him merely a few days ago and told him then how much I really loved and also respected him.”

Alan Thicke’s son Carter was with his grandfather when he suffered the heart attack and shared some of his thoughts on Twitter.

Kirk Cameron, who played Alan Thicke’s television son on the show “Growing Pains” said he was certainly shocked by this sad news of his former co-star’s death.

“I spent Monday through Friday for seven important years with Alan Thicke as my ‘TV dad,'” Cameron said in a statement. “I’m shocked and truly heartbroken today at the news of his death. Alan was a generous, kind and loving man. I am so blessed to have grown up with him.”

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